Art-Lab Berlin is an independent art space in Berlin. As an experimental project space we invite artists and curators working in different disciplines on a regular basis and aim to function as a platform for collaboration and exchange.

Art-Lab Berlin

at Iphonedoctor shop, Perleberger Strasse 60

D-10559 Berlin, Germany

One response to “About

  1. Hi, I am an artist based in Berlin and I am very interested in getting involved in your projects. I love your interdisciplinary approach of the activities and exhibitions of your gallery space. Such practice has been at the very core of my artistic research which is focused on how meaning making practices helped human beings to evolve through practices such as gesturing or dancing. Maybe you could have a look at my artist portfolio, it might interest you (www.javitorras.com)

    I would love to come to your gallery and have a chat to see whether you need someone to work for your project. I am currently looking for some kind of internship and I think that I would fit very well in the context of such rich and interesting laboratory of ideas and art.

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