Performing Gender: Closing event

The closing event and booklet launch of the project Performing Gender, Identities and Performativity in Contemporary Art will take place on Saturday, February 15, at 7.30 pm (admittance, entrance free).



Presentation of project booklet

Music performance

Anthony Hüseyin: The Lucky One

The Lucky One takes you on the emotional journey of Anthony passing through love, hope and acceptance. The story is told in 8 chronologic scenarios and is an homage as well as a confronting reality. A true story with personal relatable situations making this truly an album from the heart. Melancholic dark electro-pop mixed with tender jazz-pop vocals.


Photo: Anthony Hüseyin, © Svetlana Prigoditch


Born in Urfa and raised in Istanbul, Anthony Hüseyin completed his master degree on jazz singing in the Netherlands. As a Dutch non-binary musician, performer and activist Anthony currently resides in Rotterdam and Berlin.

In 2012 his debut album ‘Safran’ was launched at Paradiso, followed by an extensive international tour. During Istanbul Gezi Park Protests Hüseyin released ‘Mr. Prime Minister’, a song addressing Turkey’s social injustices. In 2015 Anthony displayed his debut performance piece, ‘Playing Possum – My Brothers Might Kill Me, at the LAPSody Festival. Subsequently the same piece was staged at Rotterdam Gay PrideOxford Brookes University and Glasgow Buzzcut. In late 2017 Anthony’s second album, ‘The Lucky One’, a melancholic dark electro-pop mixed with tender jazz-pop vocals was released at Paradiso and won the second prize on singer-songwriter category in The Netherlands. His first music video for the same album “We Make Sense Together” was selected and screened at Berlin Music Video Awards in 2018.  While performing as a solo artist, after relocating himself to Berlin Anthony joined the QTBIPOC drag collective House of Living Colours and performed at events such as Queer Gazino: An Alternative Pride Celebration, Berghain, Tanztage Berlin. In January 2020 Anthony’s long-awaited single release ‘Pretty Boys’ has been celebrated by a launch party at be’kech, the video is featured by


Photo: Anthony Hüseyin, © Svetlana Prigoditch


The project Performing Gender. Identities and Performativity in Contemporary Art took place from April – December 2019 and focused on the increasing visibility of alternative gender identities, as they are articulated in works of artists outside the West. Taking Judith Butler’s thesis that gender is performative rather than inherent as its starting point, we presented works by artists from Europe and the Middle East who critically examine traditional gender roles and their societal significance.

Curated by Charlotte Bank and Salah Saouli


Venue: Art-Lab Berlin – Perleberger Straße 60, 10559 Berlin

Facebook: Art-Lab Berlin



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