Dreams of a Golden Age

Opening of the exhibition Dreams of a Golden Age, on Friday, October 11, at 7 pm.
Curated by Charlotte Bank and Salah Saouli

Exhibition dates: 12.10 – 20.10.2019, Fri – Sun 4 – 7 pm

Artists: Azza El-Hassan, May Kassem, Nabiha Lotfi, Akram Zaateri

Performance by Göksu Kunak a.k.a Gucci Chunk on Sunday, October 13, at 7 pm (free entrance)

Film screenings (Free entrance)

Friday, Oct. 25, 7 pm: Nabiha Lotfy, Carioca (2009). Introduction by Charlotte Bank

Saturday, Oct. 26, 7 pm: May Kassem, Nourhane a Child’s Dream (2016)

Sunday, Oct. 27, 6 pm: Azza El-Hassan, The Unbearable Presence of Asmahan (2014). Introduction by Charlotte Bank

STILL Nourhane a child's dream ON STAGE

May Kassem: Nourhane a Child’s Dream (2016)

The period between the 1930s and 1950s is often regarded as a “golden age” of entertainment in the Arab world, a period characterized by significant innovations in music, song and dance and the development of a “star system” with Cairo as its centre. For later generations of artists this period holds a particular fascination and serves as an important source of inspiration. Rather than being a nostalgic looking back, the exhibition presents works by contemporary artists from different Arab countries who investigate different aspects of this period, its social changes and the impact on later decades. They examine how notions of gender norms shifted through the increasing public appearances of women who were renowned entertainers and how this opened up for alternative articulations of gender identities.

BERGEN 35 ©_2019_Ceren_Saner kl

Göksu Kunak a.k.a. Gucci Chunk: Bergen (2019). Photo: Ceren Saner

The exhibition Dreams of a Golden Age is part of the project Performing Gender. Identities and Performativity in Contemporary Art organized throughout 2019.

Venue: Art-Lab Berlin im iPhonedoctor * Perleberger Straße 60 * 10559 Berlin

Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds


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