Performance Where we are not

The performance Where we are not by Lina Issa will take place on Thursday, May 10, at 8 pm.


As a student from Lebanon, Lina was denied her residence permit in The Netherlands for strictly bureaucratic reasons. Since she appealed against this decision, she was not able to leave The Netherlands and re-enter the country.

Not being able to travel home herself, she cast a replacement and sent Aitana, a Spanish choreographer, to Lebanon for 10 days as her stand-in, messenger and recording device. Aitana visited different people –Lina’s family and friends and traced the places of Lina’s memory and what constitutes the idea of ‘home’ to her.

Aitana performed lots of ‘tasks’ that Lina gave her in a hand-written notebook and she wrote impressions and experiences in a notebook. Both notebooks play a major role in the performance.

Where we are not is not about anywhere, but about those places we carry with us in our bodies. The places that are part of us, and that have made us who we are.


Venue: Art-Lab Berlin at iPhonedoctor, Perleberger Straße 60, 10559 Berlin


The performance Where we are not is organized in the frame of the project Arrival City and seeks to offer a forum for international and newly arrived artists in Berlin and investigate questions pertaining to artistic relocation. With this project we would like reflect on the city as a form of “cultural laboratory” as a space of co-existence of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The project will run from April till December 2018 and is curated by Charlotte Bank and Salah Saouli.



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