Opening: Friday, March 16th 2018

Exhibition dates: March 17th – 25th, Thurs – Sun 4 – 7 pm



Steen Rasmussen

Pomona Zipser

Introduction by Bettina Güldner

PomonaZipser_Stuhl_klein Pomona Zipser

The exhibition TransForm presents works by two artists, who examine the functionality of everyday objects and product design and question ideas formulated by aesthetic theorists of e.g. the Bauhaus movement. Pomina Zipser negotiates the relation between aesthetics and usability in modern design vocabulary. Steen Rasmussen deconstructs pieces of furniture to question functionality in a socio-political context. Triggered by a visit to Tibet, his objects reflect on the boundaries between progressive influence and limiting oppression of culture.

SteenRasmuseen_ClosetDdeconstruction_kl Steen Rasmussen

Art-Lab Berlin at iPhonedoctor, Perleberger Straße 60, 10559 Berlin

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