Paths of Desire

Opening: Friday, June 30th, 6 p.m.


Exhibition dates: 01 – 09 July 2017

Sat July 01 and Sun July 02, 2 – 7 pm (during Ortstermin art festival)

Fri July 07 – Sun 09, 4 – 7 pm



Madonna Adib (Damascus / Beirut): I’m in Love – Self Portrait (2011), video

Gheith Al-Amine (Beirut): Once Upon a Sidewalk (2009), video

Nasser Hussein (Damascus / Berlin): Paitings (2016)


Curated by Charlotte Bank

Stills Once Up... Rania jOHANNE

The exhibition Paths of Desire presents works by three artists, who investigates the themes of corporeality, self-perception and desire. Perfromative aspects are central in the video works of Madonna Adib and Gheith Al-Amine and stretches from the internal self-reflection in Adib’s work to Al-Amine’s play with voyeurism and the opportunities presented by chance encounters in the city.

Nasser Hussein’s paintings lead the spectator into undefined spaces, within which human figures appear isolated and lost. Encounters do not necessarily lead to breaking out of this condition, but allow for a change of dynamics. What appears as disturbing at first sight, can change considerably on closer examination, conflicts might turn into play, isolation can become protection.


Art-Lab Berlin im iPhonedoctor, Perleberger Straße 60, Berlin-Moabit

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