Here, There and Other Places

FORUM for new arab art

Iman Hasbani: Here, There and Other Places

Opening: Friday, March 3, at 7 pm

Exhibition opening hours: March, 4 – 12, Friday – Sunday 4 – 7 pm


The Project Here, There and Other Places began as a workshop with a group of Syrian women now living as refugees in Berlin. Together with Iman Hasbani, the participants spoke about their memories which connect them to different places. Through this process, a sense of familiarity developed among the members of the group.

The workshop took the form of several sessions. As a result from this memory work, a collection of audio-recordings was created. These consist of descriptions of different details: everyday stories, descriptions of familiar people and places, events, personal recollections, memories of objects.

Throughout the three months, the artist remained relatively quiet; she was a listener and occasionally took over the role of a moderator, who initiated a process of remembering. During the final editing of the audio material, the artist started remembering forgotten incidents and details, thus she embarked upon a journey back to her own memories.

“To remember is a complex and multilayered process, which, only difficult to grasp, can cross decades in seconds. Time comes to a halt, while the body becomes weightless, almost as if hiding behind sounds and smells. Time stands still at the moment of remembering, space becomes increasingly abstract, there is no clear beginning, nor a discernible end. Everything seems different than before, as if the morphology of things and objects had changed and become jelly-like. At this point we can manipulate and form them, even change them”, Iman Hasbani wrote about her work.

Here, There and Other Places is an immersive spatial sound-installation, expanding over two rooms. Visitors have the possibility to enter the installation and move around, to freely engage with the work. Everybody is free to participate or just listen.

Iman Hasbani: Here, There and Other Places. Installation view

About the artist

Iman Hasbani studied fine art in Damascus and graduated in 2004 with a degree in oil painting. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and received several award, in Syria as well as internationally. Since 2008, her work is concerned with social issues with a special focus on the lived experiences of women. Since 2011 and the social and political upheavals in the Arab world, Hasbani has been investigating the humanitarian issues brought forth by the events.

Sound recording and production: Chadi Dalaty, YSD Studio Berlin

This project was commissioned by Shubbak in a partnership with the British Council.

Art-Lab Berlin im iPhonedoctor

Perleberger Straße 20, 10559 Berlin

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