City Symphony



Artists: Mayye Zayed, SISKA (Elie Alexandre Habib)

Opening: Fri. October 14, 2016, at 7 pm

Exhibition dates: October 15 – 23, Fri – Sun 4 – 7 pm

citysymphony_siska_edlSiska: EDL (2011)

In human imagination, cities often represent spaces of dreams, lingering between nostalgia, desire and fears. The works of the exhibition City Symphony refer to the city as a space of opportunities, opportunities that now seem lost. Mayye Zayed’s video Iskandaria (2012) presents a kaleidoscope of found footage from older films, all set in Alexandria, a city that symbolizes a cosmopolitan, urban identity, now lost forever. Siska’s multi-media installation E.D.L. explores the ideal of progress and modernism inherent in the building of the Lebanese electricity company. Both works examine an aspect of a city’s past, thereby questioning the contrasting present and the factors involved in its decline.

mayyezayed_iskenderia_still_01Mayye Zayed: Iskandaria (2012)



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