Chronos: Twelve artists, twelve art works, and the artists’ calendar 2014

In cooperation with “Druckwerkstatt Thomasburg

Opening: Friday, November 22, 2013, 7 pm

Exhibition: November 23. – December 01. 2013
Thur. – Sun. 4 – 7 pm

Place: Art-Lab Berlin at iPhonedoctor
Perleberger Straße 60, 10559 Berlin


Each year, twelve visual artists of different disciplines meet in the print studio “Druckwerkstatt Thomasburg“ to produce silk screen prints for a calendar.

A close relation between each artist’s preferred medium and the resulting silk screen print is often seen. The intensity and dynamic is transferred onto the new medium, thereby keeping the individual artistic accent.

The artist balances experimentation and the search for new forms one one hand and daily practice on the other. He/she takes the role of a skilled juggler, moving along this fine line, discovering new dimensions on each side of it.

At the end of this process, the sheets for the calendar are selected and sorted, the sequence of the images follow the rhythm of the months and seasons of the year. A range of individual art works become one edition. Like in an orchestra, where each musician contributes to the collective piece with his/her own, individual sound.

The exhibition “Chronos” presents the calendar for 2014 together with additional works by the participating artists.

Invited artists for 2014 are:

Jutta Bruening
Reinhold Engberding
Amelie Jakubek
Theresia Janssen
Thomas Klockmann
Murte Liebenberg
Rudolf Ludewig
Wilfried Marks
Erdmute Prautzsch
Salah Saouli
Tetyana Zolotopupova

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