FORUM for new arab art: If I Perform

Wednesday, August 28, 2013, 7.30 pm

Art-Lab I-Phonedoctor, Perleberger Straße 60, Berlin-Moabit

Talk: Charlotte Bank (art historian, curator)

Performance: Younes Atbane (artist)


During the first two weeks of August, Charlotte Bank and Younes Atbane met for an intensive period of exchange and dialogue in the Villa Romana in Florence (Italy). The meeting was part of the “Pas de Deux” project by Alya Sebti and Angelika Stepken, during which an artist from the Southern Mediterranean region and a curator from the Northern or Eastern Mediterranean region met in pairs for two weeks throughout the summer to exchange ideas and develop a project together.

Faced with the city of Florence and its denial of the contemporary together with an interest in new forms of social activism in other cities around the world, we decided to explore different aspects of the notion of “public space”, a concept that seems to be undergoing major changes at present. The theme was approached through talks, texts, photos and fragments of movement.

The exchange led to tonight’s performance. It is a work in progress, the result of the two week’s meeting of Charlotte Bank und Younes Atbane, one step on a road that remains open to take multiple directions in the near future.

The FORUM for new arab art is an ongoing, interdisciplinary project that seek to follow new developments and approaches in contemporary visual practice in the Arab countries. The FORUM presents a series of events throughout the year, such as exhibitions, video and film screenings, performances and artists’ talks.

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